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One of the key, outstanding aspects of the Spelling Power program is that each student begins exactly where he needs to begin academically. Then he proceeds at his own optimal pace to develop spelling skills and master the 5,000 most frequently used and misspelled words. A three-step process is used in the Spelling Power program to ensure that each student, who shows readiness, is placed exactly where he needs to begin. The first of these steps is ensure your student's  readiness.

While Spelling Power program has material for teaching spelling skills to students age five through college level, the  basic program is designed for your student who is above eight years of age developmentally, academically, and socially. Students develop in each of these areas at widely varying ratesóeven readiness for different subject areas may vary. Before you begin Spelling Power with your student, it is necessary for you to determine if he is totally ready for the specific approach used.

If your student shows the following skills and traits, he should be able to be placed on one of the 11 levels of Flow-Word Lists and succeed using the approach described in the Spelling Power Quick Start Steps.

  • At least 8 years oldóboth developmentally and academically;
  • Able to write each separate letter of the alphabet from dictation and can write some words without having to copy them;
  • Speaks and is able to read on at least a second grade level;
  • Can speak clearly and accurately pronounce most words;
  • Has a basic understanding of phonetic principles;
  • Is able to stay on-task for approximately five minutes; and
  • Asks about words and how they are spelled.

If your student does not exhibit all of the above characteristics, you are given more details on determining readiness as well as suggestions for helping prepare him for the standard Spelling Power procedures. You may also adapt the program by following the procedures outlined in the book. Using the adapted approach outlined in the Adams-Gordon Spelling Power manual, is recommended for all students under eight and those between eight and ten who have completed basic phonics instruction but may not show other readiness factors as outlined above. Few students above age ten will have difficulty with the standard Spelling Power procedures described in this manual.


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