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    Reader's Choice as best Spelling Program Consistently selected as the #1 Spelling Program in Home Schooling by the readers of Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling Magazine.


     In May of 2005, A.L. of North Bloomfield, Ohio, said, "I have been teaching for 30 years. This is the best Spelling Program I have ever seen. Thank you so much."

     J.G. from Savannah told us, "We love it! I'm learning too!"

      "So far this program looks awesome," according to S.W. in Huntington Beach, CA.

     Teacher and student both like it: "I love the format of this program. My "hesitant" learner (male, age 10) loves it too! Thank You!," MH in Wanatah IN

      "I love this program!" K.D., Savannah GA

    "I found your web site listed in the back of your Spelling Power book as I reviewed my girlfriend's copy. I love your approach! We have a thirteen year old son who is a voracious reader and talented story-writer, but a poor speller. I've tried rote memorization, conventional teacher's materials, Wanda Sanseri's materials, the Riggs' Institute Materials, and he still remains at or below grade-level in spelling.
    "We were beginning to think he would just have to go through life with a portable spell-checker at the ready, when I saw Spelling Power! We've done the Survey Test and the Placement Test and started on our Flow Word List. Your approach makes great sense!
   "When my son saw me approaching with yet another spelling program he groaned and started to protest. After I gave him the initial tests and told him that we're going to set aside just 15 - 20 minutes each day for Spelling Power, he was intrigued. Your approach is well laid-out and easy to implement. Our order is on its way with a big THANK YOU from the future superb speller and his Mom!"
R and C L, Glastonbury CT    

     Spelling Power is "Easy to use; well organized; and IT WORKS!" P.S., Manassas, VA (She started using it in November, 1997, with 2 students, sent in this comment in May, 1999.)

    C.N. (who purchased Spelling Power from Christian Book Distributors in 2005) told us, "I received it a few days ago and have read the first four chapters -- Sounds great so far!"

    "Dear friend -- We love Spelling Power -- It's great."                 H.M., Vallejo CA

     "I am so excited about the program. I have been reading the book & I'm convinced that this is it! I've been home schooling for 8 years and nothing compares!"      
T.L., West Chester OH

    "This is my second year using Spelling Power. My son likes it better than other programs. I plan on recommending it to my friends."        
     S.A.B., Auburn WA

    "I'm using Spelling Power and it really works. I think it's a really good program and you never have to buy another spelling book or spelling curriculum. It goes through High School."              C.W., via e-mail

    "I received my Spelling Power and Activity Task Cards. Thank You. It looks great!"             C.vD., Chicago IL

    "Here is our payment. We love Spelling Power -- It's Great!" I received my Spelling Power and "             H.M., Vallejo CA

     "My Children Love it! Thank you for all your hard work!" {I like best that you} "clearly state the purpose for the various parts of the program. Incredible research done! Lots of great ideas -- sometimes overwhelming, but don't delete any."              J.D., Galveston TX

     "It was fast. Only 15 minutes a day." T.B., McAlester OK

    "We will be using Spelling Power for the first time this year. We are excited about this program. I have read through the manual 2 times and I find it is exactly what we had been wanting. The manual is a little overwhelming. There was a point in it that I didn't quite understand, so I e-mailed them and the author herself e-mailed me back and cleared up the confusion. The great thing about it is that it works where your child is at now. You test to see where on the flow-word charts your child is at and go from there, including words spelled wrong from their writing in other subjects.
    "The program is 15 minutes a day- 5 minutes testing, 5 minutes study and 5 minutes games. The manual may appear a bit scary at first but the program looks to be quite simple once you get the hang of it. We are anxious to start."     P H (via Prodigy)

     "We are looking forward to using your program -- can't wait to get started."
                               D.B., Hartford WI    

    "Thank you for your fast service. I do appreciate it as we are having school right now. I'm excited to use your Spelling Power. It looks like the book I've been looking for. I'm also thrilled to be able to ask (you) any questions I might have. Lord willing, It'll be the help my children need."
            D.H. Cherokee, IA

    "On Wednesday, we received our new copy of the Spelling Power Workbook in excellent condition. We will begin our school year on September 3 and we are looking forward to beginning the Spelling Power program as a part of our curriculum."             R.B., Davenport IA

    "Spelling Power looks like the answer to what I've been looking for... I've looked at four or five spelling programs and none work. I especially like being able to use the same manual every year and not having to purchase new books."             T.A., Madison NE

    "Your book Spelling Power is just what I've searched for. I look forward to using it."              K.M.K., Prattville AL

    I like "How easy it is for the teacher."             K.H. Spokane WA

    "Last year my 7th grader came up 2 1/2 grade levels in spelling on the ITBS after using Spelling Power! PTL!"             D.S., Longwood FL


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Activity Task Cards

     "Thank you. My children love the Spelling Power program. I Love the task cards -- they are great. My children can't wait to see what fun activity they get to do next. Thank you."     K.S., Morgantown SC

    "I have the Spelling Power book and I love it. This (Task Cards) just makes it easier and fun for my kids. Thanks" J.K., Lynwood IL

    "Thank you for the Activity Task Cards! We love 'em!"          C.L., Alworth GA

     "I like the simplicity of this product. Multiple grade activities are great on the pocketbook."       C. E., Omaha Nebraska

    "I'm looking forward to using them. They look exciting."         C.H., Leon IA

    "It's a Great Program"         M.C., Powell, WY

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Spelling Power Quick Start Video

     "Thank you so much for your assistance on the phone Wednesday evening. I look forward to using your spelling program with my children.
     "I am confident that your video will help to clarify the steps I'm to take and also 'clear the cobwebs' collected in my brain from my own spelling instruction!
     "I'll be sure to keep your phone number handy!"         C.T. Zephyr Hills, FL

     "A great addition -- The video is just what I need, being 'visual.' It will help tremendously!"       C. S., Bothell WA

     "I bought a video at a curriculum fair. I have listened to 20 minutes and have decided to purchase Spelling Power. I am very excited about finding you!
                       J.L., Sequim, WA


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Home School, High School, & Beyond

     It is exactly what we needed to give us confidence as we approach 9th grade and the following high school years."    H.S., Seattle WA

     "It looks good and needful. The organization is a key for home schooling." R.H., Monroe NC

     "I need to order another copy of your book! I have two teenagers and they are fighting over the copy I ordered last month!"        A.M.R., Woodhaven MI

     "An excellent resource for all high schoolers, Beverly Adams-Gordon's Home School, High School and Beyond is a nine-week course designed to help Christian home schoolers take a more active, thoughtful role in their own education."     Karen Horton, The Catholic Home Educator

     "Your book is going to be a great help. My son and I are looking forward to using it. Thank you again for taking the time to share about home schooling." J.F.




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