Home School High School & Beyond

Subject: Time management,
College Prep
Home School High School & Beyond (cover)
Grade Level: 7th Grade and Up
Cat. No.: 33611
 Price: $ 19.95

New 7th Edition


 By Beverly L. Adams-Gordon
Illustrated by Angelina J. Cavanaugh

    Home School, High School and Beyond is a time management, study skills, and organizational how-to book specifically written for home schooled teens and their parents. All the information needed to organize and document home school experiences in the high school years is provided.

Boy with first-place award     It not only shows how to translate real life experiences into high school credits, it teaches how to create courses based on interest areas. Getting and keeping home school, high school records organized is easy using the reproducible forms provided. Teens are guided through the process step-by-step.

    Making the most out of study efforts and evaluating results are detailed. Daily planning and time management is also covered. Post high school education -- making choices, getting in, and paying for it -- is an underlying theme. It is a book every home schooled teen should read!

     A CD-ROM with all the reproducible forms and Learning Standards is included with your book.

What others are saying about
Home School, High School & Beyond

    “Adams-Gordon’s fifth publication Home School, High School, and Beyond recently hit the market. The book is a guide to help Christian home schooled teenagers organize their education and career planning. She started out by developing techniques to help her own children get organized. By the time they were in college, she had enough knowledge to fill a book, so she did."
     Kim Todd, The Highline News, Burien, WA

    “I also liked seeing someone design a course for the student to take responsibility for their education. It gives them ownership of their education. This is what it will take for young people to be prepared for college and the workplace. They will need to be independent and be able to take initiative.”     Jewel Smith, Herald Five, SC Home Education Assoc.

Girl with list of goals     “Everything that I could possibly think that I might need to know for High School and College is in this book.”     Jacqueline Clark, CHEN Newsletter, Maryland

    “Very well thought through. Lots of great ideas. It will give them a systematic and thorough means of preparing and check-listing their high school years.’’     Claudia Joye, Chester County Homescholer, Exton, PA

    “Beverly puts it all together in a student directed time management program that begins with goal setting, defines terms such as credit, grade, syllabus, etc. and then helps them choose their necessary courses geared to their future plans. She shows how courses can be formatted with the traditional, modified, unit study, or an independent approach.”     Vicky Goodchild, HIS Publishing, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    “There is an enthusiasm for learning that comes through the pages - which, after all, is why many people are home schooling their children! We want them to keep looking and learning beyond those years we have charge over them.”     Linda and Crystal Barlean, WHA’s Happening , Whatcom Home School Assoc., Washington

    “The information is user friendly, easily understood. The exercisers are real and applicable now.”    Elizabeth L. Walker, CHEV Notes, Burlington, VT

    “I thought that the organization was excellent. It encouraged logical, goal-oriented thought by example as well as by words.”    Amanda Hyldall, The Home Schooler Newsletter, Meadville, PA

    “Any student who completed this course and stuck with the system for the high school years would be amply prepared for adulthood (and far more organized than most of us, I’ll bet.)’’      Paige Smith, Live & Learn Newsletter, Humboldt, CA. Boy opening filing cabinet

    “Unless your high schooler is enrolled in a planned curriculum or one of you is an extremely organized person, you and he may have figured out some of the things in this course on your own, but especially if you are working with your first high schooler the chances are that you and he are not entirely certain that you are doing all you should in the area of keeping records, etc. Home School, High School and Beyond can help you do this. It will also help your child learn how to take on some of the responsibilities of goal-setting keeping records, planning and decision-making about high school that is starting to overwhelm you as you also try to choose curriculum for your other children and plan dinner and go on field trips and do the laundry and...’’    Karen Horton, The Catholic Home Educator

Nine Chapters/Sections:
    Establishing Goals and Setting Priorities
    Create Your Tentative High School Plan
    Working Out This Year’s Plan
    Planning Individual Courses
    Completing Assignments & Projects
    Making Weekly and Daily Schedules
    Keeping Records of Your Accomplishments
    Making Decisions About Post H. S. Education
    Paying For College
Three Appendices:
    Topics and Course Ideas for H. S. Studies
Girl graduating     Testing Information and Summaries
    Bibliography - Suggested Reading Material
Contact Resources:
    Support Groups
    State Education Departments
    Home School Suppliers
Suggested Activities Follow Each Section
27 Cartoon Illustrations
30 Reproducible Forms 

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