What is the difference between the two CD-ROMs for Spelling Power?

There are two different CD-ROMs that have come with different editions of Spelling Power.

1) is the Teacher Resource CD-ROM. Contents include all the various forms needed for Spelling Power, a formatted set of the Activity Task Cards that come with your Spelling Power, a formatted set of the Group Rules, and some additional reproducible forms. This CD-ROM was included in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Spelling Power.

2) The 4th Edition of Spelling Power includes the Digital Tutor CD-ROM. This CD includes everything on the #1 Teacher Resource CD-ROM plus the Digital Tutor and the Searchable Word List. While the Digital Tutor CD does not install on a Mac, we are able to provide you with the reproducible masters and Searchable Word List via an alternative method. Please call us at 888-773-5586 for more information.