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School Crime and Juvenile Justice

Category: Education

Author: Richard lawrence

Copyright/published Year: 1998 by Oxford Univ

ISBN: 0195101650

Binding: paperback

Juvenile crime is a serious problem in America. It has been increasing at a faster rate than crime committed by adults, and nowhere is this increase more evident than in the case of violent crime. Although crime in schools has not increased as much as crime on the street, the fear of school crime is having a significant impact on the quality of education in America. Attendance is suffering as many students stay at home out of fear of becoming victims either on their way to school or in school. Teachers are unable to provide quality instruction and are forced to work in unsafe conditions, facing disrespectful and disruptive students. Even though relatively few students are actively involved in school crime, it only takes a few students to create a disruptive and unsafe school environment. Many criminologists emphasize the important role schools can play in socializing youths to help prevent delinquent behavior. These criminologists believe that there is a relationship between learning and attendance problems, lack of involvement in school, dropout, and delinquency. They do not agree on the exact nature of the relationship, but do see a clear link between school problems and delinquency.

School Crime and Juvenile Justice offers a current and comprehensive overview of this serious and growing problem, examining the nature, extent, and causes of school crime and disruptive behavior. It reviews the theories that attempt to explain the relationship between school crime, crime in the community, the role of parents and peers, and schools' organization and policies. Lawrence includes a discussion of the most recent research findings, laws and school policies, prevention strategies, and alternative schools and special education programs for at-risk and delinquent students. Ideal for criminal justice courses as well as for scholars and school administrators, this text takes a closer look at the problem of crime and violence in and around schools, and offers a clear understanding of how people can work together to create safer schools, and how educators and juvenile justice officials can develop cooperative delinquency prevention programs.

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