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The Dude Wrangler

Category: Fiction: Adult: Western

Author: Stu Campbell

Copyright/published Year: 2021 by Stu Campbell

ISBN: 1733910131

Binding: trade pap

"You said somethin' about shOwing us how to get on a horse without the cinch tight," said Walt. I'd like to see that."

"So would I," added one of the other boys.

"Oh yeah," said Mark. "You wait here an' I'll get my horse."

Mark got his horse and put him out on the rail. He undid the cinch and let it hang on the off side.

"Gettin' on is just a matter o balance and spring in your legs," he said. "Watch."

He put his left foot in the stirrup, his hand on the horn and swung up quickly. The saddle didn't move. The boys watched in amazement.

Sitting in the saddle, Mark said, "Most all of the tourists will try to pull themselves up into the saddle. I put my hand on the horn to hold the saddle in place, then swung up. If you try this, remember it's important to try it on a horse that will stand still when you get on."

Mark got off, tightened the cinch just enough to keep it in place and turned the horse loose.

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