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Wil's Bones

Category: Fiction: Mystery and Suspense

Author: Kevin Bowen

Copyright/published Year: 2000 by Engage Publishing

ISBN: 1930892128

Binding: paperback

Archaeologist Wil Wilson turns the world upside down when he discovers the bones of Jesus. The contemporary adventure begins with the Secretary of State's visit to Israel being less than a week away. Islamic fundamentalists, hoping to thwart the peace process, have threatened to kill the Secretary and as many Americans as possible. The Israeli and U.S. governments are determined to keep a lid on the situation as they search for explosives believed to be hidden at one of the famous tourist sites. They recruit world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Wil Wilson to help them. However, following an unexpected discovery, everything is changed. Wil's discovery threatens to impact the incumbent President's re-election and a cover-up ensues that Wil cannot stomach. With his announcement, Wil earns the wrath of the most powerful person in the world and forces the President's spin doctors to go into overdrive. Congress is in an uproar, the press is in frenzy, and Wil must flee for his life. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. An election hangs in the balance, truth is about to be buried, and Wil is still in love with Hope.

This is a used book and is in ' like new' condition.

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2000 paperback. Autographed copy. Never apparently read.

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