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What Catholics Really Believe

Category: Religion: Apologetics

Author: Dr Ray Guarendi, Rev Kevin Fete

Copyright/published Year: by Nineveh's Crossing

Binding: DVD

What Catholics Really Believe

13 Episodes
Over 6 Hours of instructional dialogue.

Theologically Approved: "Enjoyable and informative and... are in complete accord with Catholic faith and morals. Dr. Guarendi and Fr. Fete manifest a fine knowledge of Sacred Scripture and are both excellent Catholic apologists." Robert Fastiggi, Ph.D. (Under Canon Law the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur are not available for audio-visual materials, but only for books.)

A fabulously insightful, illuminating, and, at times, entertaining dialogue between Dr. Ray Guarendi & Rev. Kevin Fete as they explore the common misunderstandings of Catholicism.

With a mixture of history, doctrine, and fun debate, they mine what is often overlooked. Far from two guys' opinions,...

...the programs quote extensively from Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and writings from the Early Church Fathers.

If you're familiar with Dr. Ray's humor, you'll soon understand why he's paired up with Fr. Fete in this fascinating 13 part series.

This series is great as a gift for your Church's Religious Education department or library, for home schoolers, formal religious education at all levels, and personal study. Topics include: Faith vs. Works, Baptism, Mary, Purgatory, Bible, the Papacy, and The Eucharist with a visit from a Physics Professor.

Program Titles
1. Jesus
2. The Bible
3. Scripture and Tradition
4. Eucharist, Part 1
5. Eucharist, Part 2
6. Baptism
7. Morality
8. Confession
9. Mary, Part 1
10. Mary, Part 2
11. St. Peter
12. The Papacy
13. Purgatory

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