Books by: Frederick
 Evelyn Waugh, Portrait of an Artist
Author: Frederick Stopp
Age Range:

 Pythagorean Numbers- Congruences, a Finite Arithme
Author: Frederick Young
Age Range: Collectors

Part of the Topics in Modern Mathematics Series, this 32 page pamphlet is titled, "Pythagorean Numbers - Congruences, a Finite Arithmetic - Geo

 The Alabama Arbitration Geneva 1872
Author: Frederick B Turner, translator
Age Range: Adults

 The Animal Kingdom Vol III
Author: Frederick Drimmer, Editor-In-Chief
Age Range: High school and abov
Notes: Volume III of this series includes:
Fishes, Invertebrates, Insects, and the Index.
Pages 1393-2062

 Understanding Regions of the Earth (Second Edition
Author: Frederick King
Age Range: 4th Grade

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