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Prima Latina (Introduction to Latin for K-3)


Category: Foreign Language: Latin


Grade Level: Kindergarten through

Leigh Lowe


Copyright/published Year: by Memoria Press


ISBN: several


Binding: book/cd/d


Included in this set are the: Student Book, Teacher manual, Pronunciation CD, Flashcards set, and 3 DVD instructional videos.

     Although Cheryl Lowe’s Latina Christiana program has been widely hailed for its easy to use format and student friendly layout, some parents wish for a program to use with their young elementary children. So, the experts at Memoria Press gathered together their years of experience with young Latin scholars and created Prima Latina, an introductory Latin course for students in Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

     Prima Latina was developed for young children who are still becoming familiar with English grammar and wish to learn Latin at a slower pace. The program provides 25 lessons, each including a grammar skill, 5 vocabulary words with corresponding English derivatives, a practical Latin phrase, and one line of a prayer that is learned in totality over five lessons.

    The exercises that accompany each lesson are thorough and provide constant review of materials learned throughout the course. After each five lessons, a review chapter summarizes the material covered and provides a keyed test to insure mastery. With grammar lessons appropriate for primary grades and an easy to read two color format, Prima Latina is the perfect choice for those who would like to start Latin early and lay the foundation of a rigorous language arts program.

    Prima Latina was written to transition directly into Latina Christiana, allowing students to complete an entire Latin sequence without missing important concepts or vocabulary.  Prima Latina is accompanied by an audio CD which includes pronunciation direction for each lesson and four beautiful hymns from Lingua Angelica. Your set will contain the Latina Christiana I Flashcards which include every word in Prima Latina, they are an ideal study aid and a great investment for students who intend to continue on with Latina Christiana

     Prima Latina uses a clear and systematic format to introduce Latin to young students. It teaches important English and Latin grammar concepts, as well as vocabulary, sayings, prayers, hymns, and constellation. Some of the material covered in Prima is:

  • Recognizing English and Latin Verbs
  • Invisible Verbs
  • Recognizing English and Latin Nouns
  • Proper Nouns & Pronouns
  • Prepositions
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • To Be Verbs
  • Present and Future Tenses
  • First Conjugation
  • First Declension
  • 125 Latin Vocabulary Words
  • App. 150 Latin Derivatives
  • 25 great Latin Sayings
  • 4 Latin Prayers in full
  • 4 Latin Hymns on the audio CD
  • 12 Constellations
  • Latin Numbers one through ten
  • English & Latin Alphabet, vowels and consonants

Second Edition What's New?

About the included 3 DVD Instructional set
The Memoria Press Latin programs are regarded as among the most accessible courses you can find. But if you need something even easier, well, here it is. The new Prima Latina Video Course feature Leigh Lowe, elementary Latin instructor at Highlands Latin School and the author of Prima Latina.

Leigh Lowe, one of our most popular instructors, employs her engaging teaching style, bringing Latin alive for your student. With creative graphics and a lively presentation, these video courses are the next best thing to having a Latin tutor in your home.

The Prima Latina DVDs teach directly to the student and cover each lesson in the book, while adding tips and tricks that make learning Latin easy. Using Mrs. Lowe's video instruction, you can add Latin to your curriculum with zero additional prep time in your already busy schedule.

• Taught by the author of Prima Latina directly to the student
• On-screen text & illustrations guide pupils through each lesson
• Additional explanations and background included for each lesson
• Makes Prima Latina self-instructive

You will also receive the Prima Latina/Latina Christiana Flashcards
These flashcards for Latina Christiana I or II contain all of the vocabulary, cue words, conjugations, and declensions from the Latina courses. Each word is also coded by part of speech, and they are specially sized for younger hands. Save yourself some time and frustration with these wonderful flashcards.

All of the words in Prima Latina are also in Latina Christiana. To save money, buy the Latina Christiana I Flashcards and use them for Prima Latina and Latina Christiana I.


Additional Resources:

Lingua Angelica

Latin Christiana

Famous Men of Rome


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