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Visual Sequential Memory Exercises


Category: Language Arts:



Copyright/published Year: 1972 by DLM Teaching Resourc


Binding: Spiral

This manual has a dual purpose. The first is to help the student develop certain cognitive functions which increase with age, namely, the perception, the storing in memory, and the reproduction of visual sequences in the original form and by verbal means. Exercises for this purpose, using geometric figures, are contained in Part I. The second purpose is to help the student transfer these skills to his academic work. Many persons have not able to commit visual sequences to memory, or to translate a visual pattern into an auditory one. Part II of the manual contains exercises employing manuscript letters and words which a student is to recognize and then reproduce by putting identical letters into the same sequence. And finially, in Part III, the student is given sequences of cursive letters and words. This progression helps the student to recognize that the letters in a word form a sequence in the same way as did the geometric patterns with which he had worked previously.


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This is a used book.

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Spiral bound book with plastic, wipe-off sealed pages. Cover is blue plastic wraparound.






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