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 Religious Apologetics
A Philadelphia Catholic in King James's Court (Retail: $20.85)Online: $18.76-

By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Cathol (Retail: $12.95)Online: $4.50-

 Apologetics Concordance Retail: $0.00 -

Catholic Questions Catholic Answers (Retail: $10.99)Online: $9.89-

 Catholic Teaching: Authority, Obedience, & Freedom (Retail: $4.50)Online: $2.95-

 Catholic Teaching: Christian Scriptures (Retail: $4.50)Online: $3.95-

 Catholic Teaching: Hebrew Scriptures (Retail: $4.50)Online: $3.95-

 Catholic Teaching: Mary (Retail: $4.50)Online: $3.95-

 Catholic Teaching: The Eucharist (Retail: $4.50)Online: $3.95-

Common Ground -- What Protestants & Catholics DVD (Retail: $19.95)Online: $16.00-

Crossing the Tiber (Retail: $18.95)Online: $12.56-

Friendly Defenders 2 Catholic Flash Cards (Retail: $11.99)Online: $9.99-

My Life on the Rock (Retail: $14.99)Online: $13.49-

My Three Mothers: Tea with Donna Jones DVD (Retail: $14.95)Online: $13.46-

Nuts & Bolts (Practical Guide to Explaining Cathol (Retail: $11.99)Online: $10.79_

Surprised By Truth 2 (Retail: $14.95)Online: $5.00-

The Hungry Sheep: Catholic Doctrine restated (Retail: $7.95)Online: $5.95-

The Rapture Trap (Retail: $11.99)Online: $10.79-

The Teachings of the Church Fathers (Retail: $19.95)Online: $17.95-

What Catholics Really Believe (Retail: $49.95)Online: $44.96-

Your One-Stop Guide to Mary Retail: $9.95 -

Your One-Stop Guide to The Mass Retail: $9.95 -

Your One-Stop Guide to The Sacraments Retail: $9.95 -

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