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 Military History
 1931 The Great Pacific War (Retail: $15.95)Online: $14.95-

A Brief History of the 6th Marines Retail: $12.50 -

 A Minstrel in France Retail: $8.00 -

Behind the Lines: Power & Revealing War Letters (Retail: $30.00)Online: $9.95-

 America's Concentration Camps (Retail: $18.50)Online: $8.00-

April 1865 (Retail: $14.95)Online: $6.50-

 At Dawn We Slept, Untold Story of Pearl Harbor (Retail: $22.00)Online: $18.75-

Battleground Atlantic (Retail: $25.95)Online: $8.95_

Chopper (Retail: $24.95)Online: $8.95-

Clash of the Carriers (Retail: $24.95)Online: $8.95-

Climb to Conquer (Retail: $24.00)Online: $7.95-

 Day of Deceit: Truth about FDR & Pearl Harbor (Retail: $16.00)Online: $14.95-

Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World Wa (Retail: $16.00)Online: $12.00-

 Decisive Battles of the Civil War Retail: $2.95 -

Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad (Retail: $9.95)Online: $9.00-

Operation Jedburgh (Retail: $27.95)Online: $8.95-

Longest Night\The (Retail: $24.95)Online: $8.95-

 First Heroes\The (Retail: $16.00)Online: $14.95-

Goodnight Saigon (Retail: $24.95)Online: $8.95-

 Guadalcanal Diary (Retail: $12.95)Online: $11.95-

Illustrated History of the Civil War (3 volumes) (Retail: $39.95)Online: $35.95-

Last Flag Down (Retail: $14.95)Online: $12.95-

Letters on the Wall (Retail: $24.95)Online: $12.50-

Marine Air (Retail: $24.95)Online: $8.95-

 Masters of the Air (Retail: $35.00)Online: $28.85-

More "There I Was . . ." Retail: $8.00 -

Naval Battles of the Civil War, Rebels & Yankees (Retail: $39.95)Online: $35.95-

Nelson's Trafalgar (cloth) (Retail: $27.95)Online: $12.95_

Real Lincoln\The (Retail: $14.95)Online: $11.96-

Red November: Inside the Secret US/Soviet Submarin (Retail: $27.99)Online: $12.50-

Retreat, Hell! We're Just Attacking in Another Dir (Retail: $7.00)Online: $6.96-

 Rome Fell Today Retail: $4.95 -

Safely Rest (Retail: $23.95)Online: $8.95-

The Nuremberg Raid, March 30-31, 1944 Retail: $5.00 -

WWII Behind Closed Doors (Retail: $35.00)Online: $14.50-

She Went to the Field: Women Soldiers Civil War (Retail: $19.95)Online: $12.95-

Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima (Retail: $14.99)Online: $7.95-

Silent Victory: The US Submarine War Against Japan (Retail: $9.95)Online: $4.25-

Tank Warfare, A History of Tanks in Battle Retail: $5.00 -

Taps: Notes from a Nation's Heart (Retail: $19.95)Online: $6.95-

Testament: A Soldier's Story of the Civil War (Retail: $23.00)Online: $6.95-

The Battlefields of the Civil War, Rebels & Yankee (Retail: $39.95)Online: $35.95-

The History of the American Sailing Navy Retail: $5.95 -

 The Last Parallel (Retail: $9.95)Online: $3.00-

The Secrets of Inchon (Retail: $26.95)Online: $8.95-

 The Spy Retail: $3.00 -

This Man's Army (Retail: $25.00)Online: $8.95-

 Three Months in the Southern States: (Retail: $18.95)Online: $7.95-

Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War 1954-1965 (Retail: $50.00)Online: $38.00-

Uncommon Valor, Common Virtue (Retail: $28.95)Online: $12.95-

 War in Our Time: Pictures & Text, 1931-1942 Retail: $7.50 -

When War Played Through: Golf During World War II (Retail: $27.50)Online: $9.95-

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