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Science:_Biology-- (Parents, Teachers, and other Adults)

BSCS Green Version High School Biology Teacher Gui 

About Insects that Help Plants 
$4.00 Online: $3.00

Birds of North America (Professor Noggin's) 
$9.99 Online: $9.45

Biology (HBJ) Annotated Teacher's Edition 
$45.00 Online: $9.45

Biology Laboratory Experiments 
$22.95 Online: $6.95

Biology Living Systems (Teacher Resource Book) 
$75.95 Online: $10.00

Biology Teachers' Handbook 
$6.95 Online: $4.00

Brave New Baby 
$5.95 Online: $2.00

$24.95 Online: $17.95

Drosophila Guide 

Endangered Species Tigers 
$15.00 Online: $10.95

Endangered Species Elephants 
$15.00 Online: $9.99

Exploring the Seacoast 
$3.50 Online: $3.00

Mushrooms of the World 
$35.00 Online: $26.95

Fresh-Water Intertebrates of the United States 

Giant Science Resource Book 


Grasshoppers and Insects 

Heath Biology Laboratory Investigations TAE 
$67.95 Online: $7.50

How to Know the Mammals (Pictured Key series) 

Insects - A Golden Exploring the Earth Book 
$5.00 Online: $4.00

Life in the Ocean (Prof. Noggin's) 
$9.99 Online: $9.45

Marine Molluscan Genera of Western North America 

Prentice Hall Biology Laboratory manual 
$29.95 Online: $3.00

Naming the Living World 

Plants of Woodland and Wayside 

Probing Levels of Life, a Laboratory Manual 
$12.95 Online: $9.95

Probing Levels of Life, a Laboratory Manual 
$12.95 Online: $9.95

Starfish (Let's Read and Find Out Science Series) 
$4.00 Online: $1.95

The Animal Kingdom Vol III 

The Complementarity of Structure and Function 

The Plant World (Vol. 2 of Basic Biology series) 
$4.00 Online: $1.95

Wild Folk at the Pond 




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