Herbal Teas

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Author:  Richard Craze
Binding:  Hardcover  
ISBN:  0762401036  
Publisher:  Quintet Publishing  
Copyright/Published:  1998  


Author Richard Craze has compiled an attractive, easy-to-read volume heralding the benefits of herbal teas. Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Try feverfew. Stressed out? Valerian, hops, passion flowers, or chamomile may help you relax. Try any one of more than 60 easy-to-follow recipes, many brewed to "increase the appetite, lubricate the intestines, increase resistance to infection, improve circulation, promote perspiration, soothe inflammation, and to strengthen the blood, bones, and tissues, as well as being gentle and natural laxatives." Included are a few specifically aimed at luring your kids away from soda pop and saccharin-laden sweet drinks.

Arranged alphabetically, from agrimony to yarrow, this healthy, herbal guide includes information about uses, description, scientific background, preparations, taste and any known precautions. Accompanied throughout by color photographs of herbs and herbal drinks, this volume is a great basic guide for anyone seeking a relaxing, healthy alternative to caffeinated, sweetened, or artificially flavored drinks. From single ingredient, soothing teas, to winter warmers and summer coolers, there's a drink to satisfy every member of the family.

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some sun fading to the front cover.



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