Investigating Science series (Earth/Life/Physical)

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Grade Level:  5th to 9th Grades
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Author: Jim McAlpine
Binding:  Paper  
Copyright Year:  2003  

Each book in this series contains 13 mini-units. Important background information is presented at the start of each unit to provide an overview of the topic. The background information is followed by interdisciplinary activities related to the topic; these activities include Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and the Arts. Students are also asked to research an individual or group who made an important contribution in the particular area of study. Following the interdisciplinary activities are 4 sub-topics, each with a set of differentiated activities. 80 pages each. Grades 5-8.

Investigating Physical Science features the following mini-units: * Light * Electricity * Fission and Fusion * Laws of Motion * Simple Machines * Magnetism * Optics * Periodic Table * Energy * Chemistry * Matter * Physics * Atomic Structure.

Investigating Life Science features the following mini-units: * Classification of Living Things * Organic Evolution * Ecology * Microbiology * The Food Chain * Botany * Endangered Species * Life Cycles * Cells * Reproduction * Vertebrates and Invertebrates * Genetics * Zoology.

Investigating Earth Science features the following mini-units: * The Solar System * Glaciers * Volcanoes * Rocks and Minerals * Plate Tectonics * Weather * Atmosphere * Oceanography * Climate * Seasons * Calendars * Geomorphology * Water Cycle

The Investigating Science series includes:







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