Traditional Logic II (Books and DVDs set)

Subject: Logic and Critical Thinking  
Grade Level:  7th Grade and Above
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Author: Martin Cothran
Binding:  Books/DVD  
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     Traditional Logic, Book II: Advanced Formal Logic, by Martin Cothran, is a continuation of Memoria Press' Traditional Logic, Book I.  It covers the four figures of the traditional syllogism, the three forms of rhetorical arguments (called enthymemes), the three kinds of hypothetical syllogisms, the four kinds of complex syllogisms, as well as relational arguments.

     The book also includes a wealth of examples of arguments from the Bible, Lewis Carroll, Isaac Watts, St. Augustine and Tertullian, as well as extended case studies of famous arguments throughout history, such as Rene Descartes' famous enthymeme: "I think, therefore, I am"; C.S. Lewis' disjunctive syllogism proving the deity of Christ; Plato's hypothetical argument concerning the power of love; Christ's conjunctive syllogism: "You cannot serve both God and mammon"; David Hume's famous dilemma stating the problem of evil; the stoic Seneca's justification of the virtuous life; and St. Thomas Aquinas' cosmological argument for the existence of God.

  • Do you know the Latin mnemonic verse used by the Medieval schoolmen to memorize the 19 valid argument forms? (Our monks do.  We can hear them chanting it now)
  • Which epistle contains Paul's argument in the form of an Aristotelian sorites about foreknowledge and predestination?
  • What argument form does Shakespeare use in Troilus and Cressida to justify social hierarchy?
  • What was wrong with the famous dilemma used by Caliph Omar to justify the burning of the Alexandrian Library in 640 A.D.?

     Traditional Logic I has been such a big hit not just because of the interesting content, but because it is so self-explanatory and easy to use.  Traditional Logic II uses the same tried and true format.  As in Book I, every chapter of Book II includes enough exercises to ensure that the student masters the material before moving on.  And in addition to the case studies of famous arguments, Book II has added writing assignments in each chapter to help you integrate the study of logic with other subjects.


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