Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Literature in Context)

Subject: Language Arts: Literature  
Grade Level:  Grades 6 to 12
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Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Binding:  Paper  
Copyright Year:  2006  

Develop students' appreciation of literature and improve their reading comprehension skills with these time-saving resources. Grades 6-12.

Reading Comprehension Exercises encourage students to read carefully and critically by asking them to recall details, pick out main themes, make inferences and draw conclusions.
Vocabulary Exercises introduce new words & new forms of familiar ones.
Stop and Think Exercises encourage students to summarize; describe and explain events, personalities, and problems; make predictions; discuss themes; infer motivation; compare situations with current events; look for connections to their own lives; etc.
Reviewing the Story Exercises include objective and open-ended exercises.

This Literature in Context guide is written by Venetia Ozzi.

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