Ancient Africa

Subject: History: World  
Grade Level:  Grades 4 to 8
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Author: Jim McAlpine, Betty Weincek
Binding:  Paper  
Copyright Year:  2001  

An Interdisciplinary Approach to History. The As It Was! Series is an interdisciplinary approach to various periods in history. Students learn about the people, places, and issues of the world's past through the multicurricular activities in language arts, social studies, science, math, and the arts. Each book is divided into 3 major units, each with 9 sub-topics. The units are Issues, People, and Places. Each topic includes background information and 5 interdisciplinary activities. In addition, an introductory activity and an open-ended culminating activity are offered for each of the 3 units. 48 pages each. Grades 4-8.

ANCIENT AFRICA: Issues include Agriculture & Herding, Iron Age, Trade, Salt, Oral Tradition, Religion, and others. People include King Piankhi, King Ezana, Bantu, Sundjata, Mansa Musa, Sonni Ali, and others. Places include Kush, Axum, Ghana, Great Zimbabwe, Kalahari Desert, Serengeti Plain, and others.

The As It Was! Ancient History set includes the following five books: Ancient Egypt; Ancient Rome; Ancient Africa; Ancient Greece;and Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs. You may also select the entire set.







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