Oregon Gold/Silver & Gems Map Packet

Subject: History: U.S.: Northwest  
Grade Level:  High School & Above
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Author: R.N. & M.L. Preston
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"It's gold!", a cry that was responsible for the development of many desolate areas of Oregon that were later to become ghosts of the past.

This publication should prove valuable as a field guide. These maps have been selected from numerous sources. Some of the information from older maps and documents has been transferred to more recent maps of better quality. With the current price of gold increased many ford since the gold rush days of yesteryear, renewed interest is evident by the mining industy as well as the weekend prospector. Research by the beginner is advisable regarding state and federal mining laws, procedures and proper equipment for your project. A visit to your local library will prove valuable and may eliminate costly errors as the beginner learns.

The majority of the information in this publication has been taken from "Gold and Siver in Oregon" Bulletin 61, which was published by the State of Oregon, Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. This publication has been considered to be the most factual information available. Many articles and books have been written concerning the legendary "lost gold" in Oregon. It is possible to read several different versions about the same "lost incident" and one is easily confused while reaching a conclusion as to where to begin looking.







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