Meet John R Gordon

     John R. Gordon is the business manager of Castlemoyle Books, a publishing company specializing in educational materials, and the Executive Director of TheSPAN, an association of suppliers, publishers and home education associations. Johnís background in association and business management, publication editing and production, and trade show management and marketing, make him a unique presenter on business topics. His lifelong stamp collecting hobby and experience as a home schooling father give him insights of value on home school related topics.

      Mid-year 1987, John was dragged into the home education world by his wife and daughters. He reluctantly agreed to let Beverly begin home schooling their two oldest daughters for the last half of the school year. Before the end of the year, he was the most vocal advocate of home schooling in the family.


John R Gordon

John R Gordon


      After being home educated through their Junior and Senior high school years, both Amelia and Angelina have gone on to higher education, vocations and raising their own families. The Gordonís youngest daughter, Brittany Ann has been home educated since birth. She began Kindergarten at home in 1999 and is now in Fourth Grade.

      Below you may view a list and description of some of Johnís and his wifeís workshops and seminars. For more information or a speakerís kit, have your seminar coordinator call Castlemoyle Books (toll free) at 1-888-773-5586 or email us at


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Johnís Background

     John R Gordon graduated from the seminary in 1972. He attended Seattle University from which he later transferred to Washington State Universityís Center for Hotel and Restaurant Management where he majored in business and hospitality management. For a "quick look" at his parents, visit here.

     In 1978, John began working at the Restaurant Association of the State of Washington (RASW), working his way up to Vice President of Administration. His responsibilities included database management, employee supervision, membership relations and marketing. He also served as the editor and manager of the Pacific Northwest Restaurateur (the associationís monthly publication.) The magazine served 2,500 members. John also was active in RASWís legislative lobbying.

     Beginning in 1982, Johnís position expanded to include the management of the Pacific International Hospitality Show. Under Johnís tenure, the convention moved from the Seattle Coliseum to the Kingdom in order to handle the increase in exhibitor and buyer attendance. By the time he left the association in 1992, the associationís convention was ranked the third largest foodservice tradeshow in North America by the National Restaurant Association. It also was included in the top 200 tradeshows (of all kinds) by a national tradeshow association. The last show he managed included 600 exhibitors, 18,000 attendees, 30 workshops and seminars and 10 recreational or entertainment events. The 1992 show was the most successful in the showís history.

     Between 1992 and the fall of 1998 John was employed at the United States Postal Service. In the fall of 1998, John left the Postal Service to manage Castlemoyle Books on a full-time basis. At Castlemoyle Books, John is responsible for marketing, production, and customer relations. His working for the company full time has allowed his wife, Beverly L. Adams-Gordon to devote full time to writing and workshop presentations.

     In the fall of 1998, John formed The Home Education Suppliers, Publisher, and Associations Network (TheSPAN). TheSPAN is an association dedicated in forming professional relationships between those firms and individuals that minister to and serve the international home school movement.


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