Pomeroy Senior Center

Brittany helping set places at the Pomeroy Senior Center    My name is Brittany Ann Gordon and I want to tell you about one of the places I like to volunteer. For the last several years, I have enjoyed spending time at the Pomeroy Senior Center. Actually, I have been going there since I was five, it is across the street from where I live.

   Many of the people who eat lunch there are my friends and so are the people who cook the meals for the meals-on-wheels. I like to help them by decorating the take-out meals and the tables for lunch.


   Since I was six, I have shared my love of music at the Center. Often I will go there and play the piano while they eat their lunch. They are glad to have music and it gives me a chance to practice in front of a group. Sometimes I sing for them. They like it when I sing something patriotic.

   Last year at Thanksgiving, I was the only entertainer at the Thanksgiving dinner they had. There were 150 people there and I played for over 45 minutes. 

   I enjoy other activities there too! I really like to work puzzles with some of the regulars -- it is addictive. Sometimes,. I just visit with them. Some of the older people are very lonely.

   The Pomeroy Senior Center is one of my favorite places.

Brittany's thank you from the Pomeroy Senior Round Table

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