Helping out at A Pets' F.A.T.E.

I volunteer about 3 hours a week at Pomeroy’s A Pets F.A.T.E., the feral cat program in Pomeroy, supported by volunteers. Even though Pomeroy is a small town, in less than two years, more than 320 cats’ lives have been saved.

My favorite way to volunteer at A Pets F.A.T.E. is to play with the kittens and cats. This is important because it helps socialize them so they are adoptable. Others can help by volunteering to clean cat cages and mop floors.

Another way I have helped was to sell flowers from a catalog which raised money for the program. I sold more than any other kid in town and only one adult sold more than I did. They use the money to buy cat litter and food.


I chose the Pomeroy feral cat program for my spokesmodel platform because it is something I care a lot about. I love cats and without feral cat programs many cats would die. I was able to adopt this beautiful black cat and take him  home. His name is Midnight.


I received a nice thank you letter for helping out at the Pets Fate fundraiser.

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