Brittany's Doorbelling

National American Miss Washington Covergirl

One of my service projects in 2004 was to work on political campaigning — going door to door giving out "Bush Bags" and reminding people to vote. A "Bush Bag" is a bag containing brochures about re-electing President Bush and other Republican candidates and local people who want to work in public office.


I first contacted the man who is running for Governor of Washington State – Dino Rossi. I went to one of his speeches and got my picture taken with him. He gave me some of his campaign brochures.

Brittany with Rep. Buri

I also met Mr. Buri and Mr. Schoesler. They were in a parade I was in this summer. Mr. Buri was nice. He was running for State Representative. He gave me some of his brochures and signs for our house. Mr. Schoesler, who ran for State Senate, mailed me some of his brochures.


I met Congressman Nethercutt and his daughter at one of his speeches. Cong. Nethercutt was running for the Senate. He said, " I like the fact that you look like a fifth grader. I am proud that you represent Washington. Do a good job at Nationals and have fun!"

I collected lots of other different candidate brochures by talking to a lady in town who is in charge of the Republican Party in our County. I put the brochures in the bags.

Then on the Saturday before the general election, my dad and I went door to door to give people the information. My mom drove the car. When I went to the doors most of the people in our town said they had already voted.



Most of the candidates I worked for won except Cong. Nethercutt. We still don’t know who is the winner for our new Governor. So far, Mr. Rossi (my candidate) is ahead.


It was fun to work for political campaigns. I liked to watch the debates between President Bush and Mr. Kerry. I also liked to watch the election results come in. We stayed up late to see it. I learned a lot about public speaking from watching the candidates.


State rep. Mark Schloesler wrote a nice thank you note.

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