Merina (Brittany) Gordon's celebration of 15.

Her  Quinceanera Celebration

Pictures of the Mass    Pictures of the Party    The Pinata

Brittany arriving at the party accompanied by Scott Williams Merina's lifelong friend and husband of Marilyn from Vader. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


C'mon dad, those are my feet you're stepping on! (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


John promised that he would have the high heels returned to the rental store by 6 p.m. Better hurry up.
Actually, one of the signs at a Quinceanara is that a girl takes off her pumps and puts on high heels for the first time. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


Here's Beverly, the queen of the household crowning Merina as her princess. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Here's Merina adjusting the scepter that her Godmother Bonnie Damey gave her. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

I think they're watching John changing Merina's shoes. Left to right, we have half of a Craigie boy, Barbara Craigie, Arlene Beale, Fr. Bob Turner, Ann Heitstuman, (kneeling) is Julia Brewer and her daughter Haley, and Beverly. Sneaking in behind are Melissa and Jennie Flesch of Tukwila. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Quick... I've got the scepter now. Let's see them try to get it away from me! bwahahahahahaha


Another picture of Scott Williams. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


Brittany with her doc Allen Ernster and Donna Ernster.


We heard that there was food. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Angela Damey and Melissa Flesch.


A bit fuzzy, but it's Merina's nephew Thomas.


Bonnie Damey, her daughter Angela, Melissa Flesch and her mom Jennie, Beverly looking away, and Julia (Damey) Brewer. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


Here's another picture of the "Seattle table." (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


Some of Merina's Pomeroy Friends: Bruce and Jem Crossfield, Marlene Schilling (Merina's second piano teacher), and Barbara McClanahan. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


Kris and his mom, Lori


Merina, Lori, and Kris.


They must not have wanted their picture taken. Ann Heitstuman on one end, Arlene Beale on the other, and some of Brittany's compatriots in the Holy Rosary choir: Terry, Jennie, and Orletha. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


They're lined up for something and Grandma Elsie gets to weave around them. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Jem Crossfield, Brittany's music teacher Lori Germer, and Beverly. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

(Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

"Is that all that's left for me?" wonders Merina. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.) 
(p.s. John wishes Elaine could have photoshopped all that gray stuff offs his head.)

Brittany getting some help on just where to cut the cake.


"Don't you dare drop that piece of cake," warns Fr. Bob.


Sophia Damey likes the cake. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Merina's neice Victoria loves the cake. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Yes, we like the cake too!

Grandma Elsie, mom Beverly, friend Julia, and niece Victoria. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Merina and Amy


Yes... another picture of Victoria. It's not her fault she's so cute.


Music teacher Lori's son Kris is against the wall talking with Kate and Lara Roche, a couple of friends of Brittany's from Clarkston. In the background our friend Scott is kindly feeding a piece of cake to his wonderful wife Marilyn. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Mike and his mom.


Gosh says Marilyn, I haven't done this since grade school; well maybe jr. high; all right, high school;  OK OK, I do it all the time, any time I see a camera.


Merina and Kris


Merina and an admirer. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)


Kate, Nita, and Lara Roche

Nice picture. Who took it?  (What a beautiful girl.)


C'mon, c'mon, I'm almost finished with this chapter.....


Well, Thomas looks pretty excited, huh....


Merina and her best friend Destiny. (Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

Thank you for coming to my Quinceanera Celebration

(Photo by Elaine Dolphinas.)

All done now.